Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS and hosting issues

Posted by Pavel Boghita on
I thought I'd post this question on a ...."just in case" or "I've got
nothing to loose" basis.
I had a look around both forums ACS and OpenACS and the only hosting
solutions found so far are:
1. have my own server with dsl or isdn
2. dedicated server hire
3. somewhere between $100 - $200 a month hosting solutions.

The option 1 and 2 are way beyond what I can afford. The third option
may not be at all expensive for a lot of people, but for me it is.
Half of that will be something that I'd probably be able to pay.
Anyone aware of any other (cheaper) options ?
I am in UK, and the site will be what currently is growing at, but on a OpenACS frame.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Posted by Bob Smith on offers all the pieces (I think), but so far doesn't have anybody using OpenACS itself yet.  Prices are about $30 Canadian ($21 US) per month to start.  Jeff MacDonald <> is a contact.

Good luck!

Posted by James Harris on now offer OpenACS.  I've just emailed them to find out some more details about exactly what is offered.