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Posted by Orzenil Silva Junior on
Hi Nima, I didn't test jabber package at all because there isn't a complete port to postgresql yet (as far I know). I contacted Malte Sussdorf at last february and he told me about Bjorn Kiesbye work on this issue. According Bjorn (at february 2004):
What have I done till now:
  • -ported the nsjabber module to work with postgres. (still needs to be tested).
  • -ported great parts of the jabber core package this includes (the data model jabber-create.sql , and most of the page-postgresql.xql files (still needs to be tested)).
What needs to bee done:
  • - port of jabber-notification-create.sql , jabber-notification-forum-create.sql.
Unhappyly I didn't not have enough time to go Bjorn work into deep but I still pretend to do this. I had nsjabber intalled but I didn't test data model provided by Bjorn yet. If you want I'll send to you the files or maybe I could try contact Bjorn directly .