Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 26/Aug/08

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Carl, Don, Emmanuelle, Dave, Victor, Avni

We need to move DNS this week, Mike can transfer the dns server, he is technical contact

.LRN 2.4.1
- more html cleanup, assessment bugs, raul said he would post/email a list
- user pages are done supposely, dotlrn-extras packages except chat, dotlrn admin is still pending but that's not as important so releasing would be OK

.LRN 2.5
- the todo wiki page has been updated (emma_r edited it to put a lot of items as a "wish list" rather than part of the "todo"):,
- we can discuss what should be there and what shouldn't, since the first decision would be to include xotcl-core as a dotlrn-all, applets in xowiki! aolserver in xowiki!,
- we support xotcl but not require it for acs-core or .LRN, the point is not to rewrite everything in xowiki
but we've not approved 2.5 features yet