Forum OpenACS Q&A: What does it take to turn FAQs into a FAQ-O-MATIC?

I have FAQs up and running, but I would like to make it such that either
  1. any registered user of the system can add/delete from the faq (without having to visit admin pages), or
  2. it is easy to create a group of users that can maintain the faq
I tried approach 2, and visiting /admin/faq tried to designate the group "authorized users" with the faq. I ended up breaking the faq completely.

What works? What would it take to work?


How about moving what you need from the admin directory to the user directory? Might need to adjust the form method targets, etc.
I agree...moving files and readjusting form links is not too tough. I did a similar thing with the bboard module, to allow people to edit or delete their own posts. Seems to be working pretty good.


Before I move stuff around, I was hoping that someone using FAQ could tell me how to use the group access/perms that comes with it.

Is it possible to shake it out of the box and have a FAQ-O-MATIC if we give the group "authorized users" admin access?  What do those group assignments mean, and how do we add people to the groups or define new groups?