Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Anybody using TclPro?

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
According to the folks at AOL use TclPro.
Another factor contributing to the efficiency and performance of Davidson's team has been TclPro. One of the most difficult aspects of training new developers, Davidson found, was educating them in debugging methods to ensure the accuracy and performance of new code.

"Until we got TclPro, I had really no good way of training these developers about what it means to debug, and how to use tools to track and eliminate problems in their code."

After making TclPro part of the platform at Digital City, Davidson quickly realized significant cost savings. According to a senior member of his staff, Digital City's developers spend approximately half their time debugging code. Since the installation of TclPro, this ratio has dropped precipitously. "Things that would take someone an hour in the past take 20 minutes or so now," said Davidson. Multiplied over Davidson's 20-person developer team, the time and cost benefits are quite substantial.