Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Integration between Mailman and OpenACS? (mailing list and bboard unification)


I don't want to make this more difficult than it is, but how would you have a mail to "OpenACS which then *emails* people who've asked for them" mechanism handle bounces?

Right now with bboard, the author gets the bounces (and the vacation messages)

It appears that a significant portion of Mailman and ezmlm (presumably others) implements the proper handling of bounces so that mail loops from bounces don't form, and so that after a certain period of time, bouncers are unsubscribed.

Do you think there is any benefit to unifying bboard and say, ezmlm, or is it just making things overly difficult?  I'd prefer to keep things simple and just hack at bboard, but I am afraid of having an errant mail header bug on my part make me persona-no-grata across half the net.

By the way, in a private email, I was told that Ben has mentioned in general wanting to integrate mailing list activities into OpenACS 4.  Do you know what the plan is?