Forum OpenACS Q&A: Intranet Module Info

Posted by Chris Hardy on
I've been busy cleaning up the pre 3.2.5 version of the Intranet module. All bugs/problems should be fixed now, but I've been running the cvs version of OpenACS against pg 7.1b4, so you never know! I've sent the patches to Roberto, but I'd like someone (Ben/Roberto?) to go in and close all the bug reports. If you are just a plain user who's been trying to get the intranet to work, let me know, I'll send the patch and you can find what's still broken.
What was fixed:
All Intranet Reported Bugs
Mess load of 7.1 union problem bugs
New-Ticket integrated into intranet
Payroll page problems misc
broken "stuff"
Posted by Sophie Major on
Hi Chris

I'm about to install OpenACS for the first time, specifically the intranet module which I've been using/developing on ACS 3.x for a while.

I see the latest OpenACS download version is 3.2.4. Do you need to send me your patches to include your latest fixes?

Also, which version of Postgres should I install? I see from another thread that there may be problems with intranet against 7.1 but then you say here you've been doing exactly that! What do you recommend?

Posted by Chris Hardy on

    OpenACS 3.2.5 will be out within the next few days.  All my patches have been sent in to be incorporated into the 3.2.5 release.  As for Postgres, I'd go with 7.0 right now, since it is the stable release.  But as soon as 7.1 hits stable release (it's at Release Canadite 1 now) I'd install it.
Posted by Ben Adida on
7.1 RC1 is pretty good. is now running on it. I'll be moving to it fairly shortly. I wouldn't hesitate to use 7.1 RC1 in a quasi-production DB.