Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Missing file during server start.

Posted by S. Y. on

If you look at the sample nsd.tcl file that's mentioned in the OpenACS Documentation, you'll see the following:

    # nsjava - aolserver module that embeds a java virtual machine.  Needed to 
    #          support webmail.  See for further 
    #          details.
    ns_section "ns/server/acs-pg/module/nsjava"
            ns_param   EnableJava          "off"  ;# Set to on to enable nsjava.
            ns_param   VerboseJvm          "off"  ;# Same as command line -debug.
            ns_param   LogLevel            "Notice"
            ns_param   DestroyJvm          "off"  ;# Destroy jvm on shutdown.
            ns_param   DisableJITCompiler  "off"  
            ns_param   ClassPath "/usr/local/jdk/jdk118_v1/lib/" 

Although I have never configured webmail in either ACS Classic or OpenACS, my guess is that you might be better off downloading the nsjava module first and reading any accompanying documentation to figure out how to compile it properly.