Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Future directions for OpenACS

Posted by Jerry Asher on

Can you give some pointers about the "fall of Zope".  I was playing with Zwiki last week and liked it a lot and was contemplating putting time into Zope, especially considering that the marketability of a Python/PostgreSQL or Python/Oracle solution could go far to mitigate Tcl's marketability problems.  But before I do venture into Zope, it would be nice to know beforehand that it was thriving and not dieing, or that it was a promising path and not just a technical deadend for whatever reasons....

For IDiscovery Support, if PyWX gives one complete access to the Tcl C level API, that is wonderful.  State in an AOLserver/OpenACS app is largely kept in three locations: cookies, the database, and nsv arrays.  If PyWX can get access to the nsv arrays, I would think that means that a PyWX module should largely interoperate with a Tcl module, although I suspect Tcl can't call into python or vice versa.

Unfortunately, I believe that the PyWX developers state that PyWX is not ready for production use, but um, I would love to see Zope/Python stuff appearing for OpenACS.

My suggestion then is to ask you to help us understand the issues (before asking us to convert).  If you port some modules from the Zope/Python world over to the ACS world (Zwiki comes to mind :) I think you'll see a lot of us try those modules out.

(By the way, I am not trying to chastise you, but I think community works so much better when folks not hide under a veil.)