Forum OpenACS Development: Here's a list of OpenACS 4x volunteers

Posted by Don Baccus on
This list is probably incomplete, in other words I've probably lost one or more e-mail notes, but here it is. Please post a response here if you should be on the list and I've blown it by leaving you off.

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
In another soft-space, Jon offered access to a machine with Oracle for development purposes.

I can do something similar, I will run a server for testing purposes, both on- and offline. The online one will be at (nothing there yet, not even PG 7.1 is running!). I'll be testing as much as I can handle or as much as people throw at me, which ever is smaller. After an offline success will, I'll try to repeat that on vesta, so that will sort of become (one of) the online showcase(s).
If someone can think of a good s/he needs shell access to that machine, drop me a line (and, like Jon, I'm not gonna play the ISP).

This is going to work best for me if you indicate which parts need testing, and which parts need work on the documentation. 'Though I will probably figure out most of that on my own.
I will try to refrain from dumping the data from the database on vesta, but as long as the core datamodel is volatile, I will not put much effort in making a backup of the data. The same goes for a modules' (data)model, as long as that keeps changing...

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
I'd like to be on the list (though I probably only communicated that to Robeto and not to you Don).  I'm up to my neck in an ACS 4.1 Oracle project that's coming to a close, and am excited to help with the porting effort.
Posted by Dave Bauer on
I am available for porting and testing. I am most interested in getting a good content management module.
Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
sign me up, porting and documentation
Posted by Gregory McMullan on

I've been crazy busy with various things, but want to get back to working with OpenACS, so sign me up for porting (basic - not ready yet for heavy-duty) and documentation.

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Since I've been porting over the Intranet Module for 3.2.x, I'll volunteer to port it over for 4.x.  On another front, I've asked this before, but is there *any* chance of getting a box that is running on the nightly cvs code?  Assuming this will be developer accessable CVS in the first place ;)
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
I can do user-level testing and documentation.
Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
the company i work for is interested in the acs4 ecommerce data
models, so i'll be porting the data models over at the end of next
week. the current alpha as is not entirely functional for use with
the acs (its missing the billing channels and the product catalog).
the ecommerce package btw, is not in the aD's cvs. it can be found at

10: E-commerce 4x (response to 1)
Posted by Walter McGinnis on

Just so you know.

Furfly is working on a straight port of the 3.x E-commerce module to a ACS 4x package. It isn't a redesign. We are making the old ecommerce work on top of ACS 4x, nothing more. Its for a client project, but we will be making our source available in the next couple weeks.

See this thread on for more details of the trials and tribulations of E-commerce on ACS 4x:

It sounds like what you are interested in is redesigning the ecommerce module to use ACS 4 programming conventions (or OpenACS 4 programming conventions). That is a very good thing and there are people out there willing to help (see thread mentioned above). One thing you should know is that aD is leapfrogging the TCL version of a 4x E-commerce package and concentrating on a Java version. So the information you found at is probably not going to be updated anytime soon and as far I can tell there won't be any further releases from aD with that code.

Posted by Gilbert Wong on
Count me in for porting.
Posted by John Sturman on
I would love to contribute in the documentation and user-testing efforts.  I also want to contribute to the design (redesign) of the user interface, specifically the administrative interfaces.
Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on

i've been keeping up on the happenings at aD (i spent the better
part of a week there in march before leaving because i was tired of
getting disgusted at the changes) and the ecommerce module in
particular. regardless thanks, for the warning.

re ecommerce 3x in 4: to make a long story short, i'm using the data
model for a specialized task and the 3x system is not extensible
enough without rewriting it (to me the whole system looks like you
extend by hacking). specifically i'm using it from a non http
network server to do ecommerce stuff for multiple vendors with
multiple clients, each of whom may potentially have their own
clients. i have several other problems with the acs3x ecommerce, but
my specific needs forms the crux of my desire to not use it. that
said i would still be very interested to see what you and furfly
have done with the 3x ecommerce in a 4x setting.

what does exist of the ecommerce 4x system is perfect what i need
mainly a flexible billing model supporting multiple authorization
types, and multiple accounts. a rule based system of purchase cost
calculations that is easily extensible to my needs. the only thing
that doesn't have an initial implementation is the product catalog,
which i don't need and which would be dependent on a yet to exist
openacs CMS anyways.

14: E-commerce off topic (response to 1)
Posted by Walter McGinnis on


Just to clear a few things up. What Furfly and I will be releasing in alpha form within a few days is a straight port of the ACS 3x ecommerce module to work on ACS 4x. It is not a direct descendent of the code that aD started for a ACS 4x redesign of E-commerce. It won't support multiple retailers out of the box or multiple instances of the package. If you are familiar with the 3x version of E-commerce, not much has changed.

I'll be including more details in the release notes.

15: E-commerce alpha released (response to 1)
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Posted by Albert Langer on
Janine's link for 3.x ecommerce ported to 4.x is broken.

Should be:

In case that breaks too, here it is split over 2 lines:

Points to:

PS Thanks for this!