Forum OpenACS Development: Response to I've made an interesting commit to the tree...

Great to see this! Looking forward to installing it.

While browsing the docs I noticed some graphics were broken
(in workflow package) which are not broken in ACS classic.

File sizes are larger than originals. Suspect RCS is adding
version info. Need to exclude .jpg, .gif, .pdf and any other
such "binaries". Can probably wait until moving to 4.2 beta to
refresh the originals, but cause should be identified now and
corrected now in case it's something worse or affects something
more critical than pictures.


1. What's the guesstimate for moving to 4.2 beta. (Wondering
whether to start printing stuff now or wait)

2. Anyone planning to do the workflow package? (It will be
needed for ecommerce - see the order processing example in
concepts. I assume other stuff needed for ecommerce like
mail and notifications will be done anyway for general core.)