Forum OpenACS Q&A: Installation of OpenACS 5 w/FreeBSD 5.2.1 AOL4.0, Postgre73

Fist of all I would like to thank the OpenACS community for making this software available for use.

FreeBSD 5.2.1
AOLServer 4.0
PostgreSQL 7.3.4_1

I am following the instructions from:

FreeBSD and AOLServer seemed to be O.K.

For PostgreSQL, I cd /usr/ports/databases/postgresql73 andexecuted the MAKE, MAKE INSTALL and MAKE CLEAN commands.

I did NOT use gmake install-all-headers as suggested by orchardlabs.

FYI for FreeBSD users. The port collection for PostgreSQL creates a user pgsql.  The postgres user needs to be added as noted from the above link.

I added the id postgres to match pgsql in the passwd.

This is where I need help.
steps 34-40

34. Download the PostgreSQL driver (nspostgres-4.0beta1) from
35. wget
Visit for a full list of mirror sites.

FIRST Question - I noticed that nspostgres-4 had been released.  Should I use the released version or the beta version?

36. cd aolserver-4.0
37. tar xzvf ../nspostgres-4.0beta1.tar.gz
38. cd nspostgres-4.0beta1
39. Edit the Makefile

POSTGRES=1 (it's just to keep make happy)

ifeq ($(POSTGRES),LSB)
    PGLIB = /usr/lib
    PGINC = /usr/include
    PGLIB = $(POSTGRES)/lib
    PGINC = $(POSTGRES)/include


ifeq ($(POSTGRES),LSB)
    PGLIB = /usr/lib
    PGINC = /usr/include
    #PGLIB = $(POSTGRES)/lib
    #PGINC = $(POSTGRES)/include
    PGLIB = /usr/local/lib/postgresql
    PGINC = /usr/local/include/postgresl/

SECOND Question:
Does this line have a mistake:
PGINC = /usr/local/include/postgresl/
should be
PGINC = /usr/local/include/postgresql

40. gmake

This is the error I get when I use the gmake command:
bash-2.05b# gmake
In file included from nspostgres.c:32:
nspostgres.h:48:22: libpq-fe.h: No such file or directory

After the above line, I get a lot of other errors. I believe these errors are from the above problem.

Any suggestions would be appriecated.
Tyge Cawthon