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Posted by Randy O'Meara on

I pulled down your xcms-ui package and installed in on a HEAD development instance. Mounting and requesting the index page results in an error that shows that it (index.vuh) is passing the wrong number of args to "content::init". I assume there are some core changes to CR that should accompany xcms-ui? Or, maybe my dev instance isn't configured right.


wrong # args: should be "content::init urlvar rootvar ?content_root? ?template_root? ?context? ?rev_id? ?content_type?"
    while executing
"content::init -resolve_index "t" -revision "live" the_url the_root $content_root $template_root $context $revision_id "
    (file "/devel/s8002/packages/xcms-ui/www/index.vuh" line 1)

2: Re: xcms-ui environment (response to 1)
Posted by Dave Bauer on

XCMS is relying on some changes to content::init that need to be TIPed. After some discussion some changes will be made to content::init and some to xcms-ui. I'll try to get this done in a few days, I'll post when it is done.

Thanks for your interest.