Forum OpenACS Development: Who's working on the APM?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Is Don the one working on the APM? With the kernel data model ported,
I'd like to use 4.x for my school project.

If no one is working on it, I'd like to tackle it. If someone else is
working on it, or have information os which issues  need to be
addressed with different databases, I'd like to help out to get it
going faster.

BTW, Dan took over the Content repository since I am tied to
releasing 3.2.5. He'll tackle it this weekend.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Don said that he would have the apm done by the time he got back or shortly thereafter.  Other than the content-repository, which I will start on this week-end, and the kernel, which I have already completed, I think most everything else in the core is still up for grabs, except maybe for acs-messaging.  I'm not sure about that one.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
It looks like I missed Don's last message "What's on the critical path". Sorry about that. It looks like I will be able to use 4.x for my project then, which will force me to work on the port as well :)
Posted by Don Baccus on
I'm back ... and I'm sorry (well, in reality not really all that
sorry) to report that I spent five full days birding and soaking up
sunshine in the Everglades, Naples and Sanibel (Florida).  Didn't work
on the APM but have thought things out ...

How rude of it to snow here (Boston) last night just before our return.

Tonight I'll be catching up on my 550+ e-mail messages, and will spend
this week dividing my time between a simple piece of work for a client
and the APM (about 50-50).  I'll give folks regular updates and will
make sure we get updates on other critical items posted here as soon
as I catch up on e-mail...

Hope y'all had a good week - I was heartened to see another round of
folks volunteer to help out on the project.