Forum OpenACS Q&A: Sharing information from .LRN and volunteer opportunities for core module

Hi everyone,

As .LRN release manager, I've been working on launching the effort for .LRN 2.1. Don suggested I post over here because it is highly relevent to this community as well.

The focus of .LRN 2.1 will be to realize a high-quality, stable release of the major .LRN packages.

As you may know, the OCT has been focusing on the core of OpenACS in their releases, so you can think of the .LRN release as an exansion of that. We are looking at some of the major modules in OpenACS, including file storage and forums, and taking them to the next level of quality.

For more information, the project plan is here.

There is an opportunity to volunteer to the on the core team for this release. There are roles both for developers and end users. The opportunities are here. Please let me know if you'd like to participate in a key way!

Also, Dee and I are in an effort to go through and understand, categorize, and prioritize the bugs in the bug tracker. So this is also a call for you to get any and all bugs in.

Thank you and any questions, let me know -