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Posted by Deborah winny on
We create a thread in user mode for reading. Its a device driver program, where we have thread in kernel mode for blue tooth stack. the close_filedesctiptor (in user mode )is not invoking close in tty and also the thread created by application unable to kill. while killing the thread , it hangs the system and forced to reboot. how to overcome this problem.
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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Do you even have any idea what Forum you're posting to? Your question doesn't have anything even vaguely to do with OpenACS or even web/db in general.

As for your question itself, basically, RTFM.

For POSIX threads there is generally no way to forcibly kill a thread. If you want a thread to die, you must arrange for the thread to stop what's it's doing and exit on its own. Various unix Non-POSIX thread APIs do sometimes provide a forcible kill function. On MS Windows, I've no idea.

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Posted by Vinod Kurup on
I thought this was how to kill a thread. Or, my favorite, Talli's approach.