Forum OpenACS Q&A: Installation issues on W2K/Cygwin

Posted by Ted Shab on

I'm hoping to run OpenACS 5.1, with the Project Management piece, with Postgres on WinXP (initially for evaluation, then would move it to a Linux box).

Looking through the posts, I saw some people had built AOLServer for W2K as recently as August 2003.  I couldn't find any recent info about mod_aolserver.  I also didn't know if there are issues relative to the postgres driver.

Finally, it wasn't clear to me how to get the Project Management piece, as it doesn't appear to be in the standard download.

Thanks for any information regarding these issues.

Posted by C. R. Oldham on

I'm not sure how stable AOLserver 4.x is on Windows, but you also have the problem of compiling the AOLserver database drivers on Windows as well.  I have tried this in the past and it just was not effective.  Things may be different now.

The best solution for testing on Windows that I have found is to use VMWare or coLinux to host a Linux virtual machine on the XP machine.  This works really well, and has the extra benefit of providing you with an insulated development environment.

John Sequiera has (still I think) prebuilt VMware images.

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
Jamie Rasmussen has made an AOLserver Windows binary available at While not the latest AOLserver version, it should be recent enough to allow you to test AOLserver/OpenACS on Windows.

Contact Jamie if you need help compiling a more recent version of AOLserver.

C.R., compilation instructions for AOLserver are also available from above link.