Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Use of OpenACS' data model

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Thanks Ben.

I thought this is what would have to happen but wanted an opinion from
someone more experienced in the GPL implications on data models.

I am still trying to convince them that making it open source would
give them some significant advantages, especially because there are
several much larger/famous/marketed products on the market they want
to get into.

They intend to use the product internally in all their offices, but
also sell to other companies, at first in the same industry, and in
the future customize it for other industries.

It is also unfortunate that my professor almost mandated PHP after I
had talked to him so many times about using OpenNSD/AOLserver and
OpenACS, explained the benefits to him, and after he had given me the
ok to do id. *sighs*