Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: GZIP backup not working

Posted by Dave Bauer on
What is the file size limit on your filesystem? I think its probably 2G on Red Hat 4.
Posted by Matthew Coupe on
It seems 2GB is the max filesize. I'm trying a split dump operation to break it into smaller chunks. Will feedback on how it goes.


Use split. The split command allows you to split the output into pieces that are acceptable in size to the underlying file system. For example, to make chunks of 1 megabyte:

pg_dump dbname | split -b 1m - filename

Reload with

createdb dbname
cat filename* | psql dbname

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Yup, that was the issue. The syntax above is correct for Postgresql dump and restore on 2GB max filesize systems.

Perhaps this should go in one of the backup docs on this site somewhere?

Cheers for the help Dave.