Forum OpenACS Development: Response to I've made an interesting commit to the tree...


The broken graphics in workflow package were noticed from
continuing local browse through the html docs in openacs-4 checkout
after having started similar local browse from acs classic 4.2 beta
apm download from aD repository. I don't have anything currently
installed and am not planning to install Oracle. For all I know the
problem could have been in the earlier classic version used to do
openacs-4 (which I've never looked at), and got fixed in 4.2 classic beta tarball. To check, I've just now downloaded acs-workflow-4.0.1
from After rename of file from .apm to .tgz and extracting,
I find that www/doc/order_wf.jpg is 48,849 bytes and works and
user_reg_workflow.jpg is 41,637 bytes and works. These are identical
to (working) files from acs-4-2-beta apm.

I have also just done separate checkout from openacs-4...workflow...
again and got larger file sizes of 49,251 and 41,800 respectively -
both *not* working.

NOTE: I am using WinCVS 1.1b17 (on Win98) and am *not* familiar
with it and have not done anything special at this end to tell
it about .jpg and .gif etc. It may be doing line ending conversion
or something.

If the graphics from cvs work for you then problem is at my end. Otherwise check the file sizes.

BTW Take a look at those 2 graphics anyway. Reason I've been
going through the workflow docs is that it seems to be in core
because it really is "core" and not just a special purpose add
on. Looks like central to design of the "real" ecommerce package
and also useful for user registration and many other things. It
might need to be bumped up in priority as useful even for more
central concerns like CMS and there's a *lot* in it, which also
needs background reading of the extensive docs on what it's
about so there could be a lead time on critical path if not
started early.

PS I've still only got part way through browsing just the sql
for the openacs-4 kernel. It's a massive job just coming to grips
with it by reading. Congratulations on the work you've been doing
to port it - and THANKS!!!