Forum OpenACS Development: How will ACS 4.0 Java fit in OpenACS roadmap?

Yesterday, ArsDigita announced their open source Java platform
(  How will
this fit into the OpenACS roadmap?
Yesterday's announcement was more a press release than anything else,
since ACS 4 Java has been around for some time.

As has been said here before, the OpenACS project is an "umbrella"
project. Initially we are modifying ACS 4 Tcl to become
database-independent, and porting the data model to PostgreSQL. Then
going on to improve current packages (such as the Content Management
System) and add new packages/functionality.

As soon as this is done, it will be much much easier to port ACS 4
Java to other databases, like Postgres. I am guessing that people will
jump on ACS Java and do that, and our community will be glad to help.