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3: Response to SDM Changes (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Oh, some other things I want to change:

Right now AFAICS, only package admins can assign bugs/features to team members. I'd be hesitant to give someone package admin priviledge just so he can assign tasks to others. This has lead to a huge number of non-assigned bugs/features on the OpenACS SDM.

I'd like to be able to setup another action: assign_issues. So anyone with assign_issues priviledge, even a non-admin, could assign tasks to other people.

This would give us the possibility of having someone with Bruce Momjian's role kind of thing. He doesn't code, but he helps keep the effort organized and people focused on tasks. One thing that we certainly have missed in the OpenACS project (since Ben can't do _everything_).

Other things I am ready to do (if Ben/others think I should):

  • Make the fix process a little faster. Right now you have to do too many click to be able to do it.
  • When you close an issue, you go back to the Open issues, instead of closed ones (as it is now). Going to closed issues after closing one is a pain when you are closing a bunch of issues at a time.
  • Give bug/feature reporters the ability to enter HTML code. I had to "view source" many times to be able to view the report correctly, when closing OpenACS 3.2.5 issues this week.
  • Give bug/feature reporters the ability to submit a patch when submitting a report. That way you could see exactly which patch fixes what bug/implements which feature.
  • Improve the CVS code. I have been looking into viewscvs' source code to learn how it works. viewcvs is a cvsweb clone, but written in Python. I can NOT, for the life of it, understand cvsweb's Perl code (I tried. I probably could, but it'd take me 500 more hours).
  • Phew! that's in for now. Please add your comments/suggestions here while I am up to it. It'd be really nice to get these improvements in so we can use them on OpenACS 4 and OpenNSD (and my other projects :))