Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Looking for someone familiar with ecommerce module

Here's the view, including some comments about what it does:

-- This view displays:
-- order_id
-- shipment_date
-- bal_price_charged sum(price_charged - price_refunded) for all items in the shipment
-- bal_shipping_charged
-- bal_tax_charged
-- The purpose: payment is recognized when an item ships so this sums the various
-- parts of payment (price, shipping, tax) for all the items in each shipment

create or replace view ec_items_money_view
select i.shipment_id, i.order_id, s.shipment_date, nvl(sum(i.price_charged),0) - nvl(sum(i.price_refunded),0) as bal_price_charg
nvl(sum(i.shipping_charged),0) - nvl(sum(i.shipping_refunded),0) as bal_shipping_charged,
nvl(sum(i.price_tax_charged),0) - nvl(sum(i.price_tax_refunded),0) + nvl(sum(i.shipping_tax_charged),0)
  - nvl(sum(i.shipping_tax_refunded),0) as bal_tax_charged
from ec_items i, ec_shipments s
where i.shipment_id=s.shipment_id
and i.item_state <> 'void'
group by i.order_id, i.shipment_id, s.shipment_date;

Do you need more info about it?