Forum OpenACS Development: How do i set a session variable in OpenACS/TCL from within Flash

We have a flash object embedded within a OpenACS/TCL website, it drills into a second level and then dependent on the users click links to a separate page in the website. When the user clicks back in this new page they need to be taken back to the second level previously drilled down to in the flash.

I hoped to achieve this by setting a session variable in the flash that retains the selected second level, therefore on clicking back the flash interrogates the session variable and displays the appropriate second level.

Please, does anyone know how to set a session variable in TCL within flash.

Thank you

What is a session variable? Where is it stored?

If it is stored in the browser, then this is not an OpenACS question.

If it is stored on the server, then do set it from flash the same way you set it from anywhere else - by sending a http request to the server, which hits a page that sets the variable.