Forum OpenACS Q&A: ns_sendmail and overloaded SendMail

Posted by Bob OConnor on

In the past 10 days our SendMail program has shut down. Around the time of each of these failures, we were sending mail to around 5400 users using an admin interface and ns_sendmail. Nothing jumps out at me in the mail log files. I do
/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail start
after seeing that sendmail isn't listening. Could ns_sendmail somehow overload sendmail and cause it to walk off the job "I can't take it anymore". This may push me to switching to Qmail which I understand is more a robust postal worker that is not looking for early retirement! 😊


Posted by Ben Adida on
Yes, if you're doing mass mailings, you should absolutely switch to qmail. Qmail will queue up your outgoing messages and send them asynchronously. You'll immediately notice an OpenACS site running qmail when the bboard notifications happen super quickly: qmail is queuing up the outgoing emails and then sending them via a separate process.