Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Debian package of .LRN

Posted by Mischa Schaub on
Dear and clever people

As a first time user I installed on a fast PC a new SID. Then I added the dotlrn lines to the source.list and did everything needed with update and install.

All dependencies seemed to be fine. Perfect.

Then I was guided by some automatic setup file and things started to get wrong. The whole process did seem to finish fine, but when I wanted to do the changes described to /var/lib/postgres/data/pg_hba.conf there was no data folder in /var/lib/postgres/. As aolserver was not running either, I did a "apt-get remove" of dotlrn, aolserver, postgres, then I did a apt-get clean and installed everything again, in the hope, of arriving at the menu where things got all wrong the first time.

But now everything did install without showing the menu again. And there is still no postgres in /usr/local. So please, what should I do?

I would be awfully glad about your support. We would love to test dotlrn in our institution and I was so glad about that (theoretically) simple possibility of a debian package installation.

Kind  regards


Posted by Otto Solares on
Debian will not remove configuration files if you don't purge
the packages.  If you need to reconfigure dotlrn:

dpkg-reconfigure dotlrn

Too, dotlrn suggests the postgresql package but it doesn't enforce it as a dependency so you can have a different box running the postgres server.

A simple setup with dotlrn and postgres in the same box:

apt-get install dotlrn postgresql

When asked in the dotlrn package setup, the defaults will make it work with a local postgresql server.