Forum OpenACS Development: Status Report - March 30, 2001

Posted by Don Baccus on
Just a quick update.

1. As of last night Ben has a very preliminary version of the query
dispatcher up and running.  Expect more news and the chance to play
with it in the next few days.

2. I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be with the APM, because I
decided not to work on it during my five-day birding trip to Florida
last week.  However, I have studied the APM in detail and should have
my first cut at changes available by early next week (I'm flying back
to Portland on Sunday so will lose most of that day, unfortunately).

Since the APM includes queries I'll have to do some work to make it
work with PG.  However, we can start work by rebuilding package .info
files in an Oracle environment (the .info files will contain
information specifying where to find PG and Oracle datamodels rather
than assume that all are Oracle datamodels as it does today).

3. It looks like our list of volunteers has solidified at around 20 or
so folks.  In the next few days I'll update my list of people and
stated interests and will start working on the problem of allocating
specific people to specific modules.  We want to do this
democratically but at the same time we need to make sure that we get
good coverage of the basic modules so folks will be able to start
playing with working (but limping) installations that support both
Oracle and PG ASAP.  If any of you have bright ideas about how to
decide who will work on what feel free to e-mail me or post here!

The good news is that by next week folks should be able to download
the query dispatcher and a new APM and be able to get a handle on how
to attack the problem of hacking modules to support both PG and
Oracle.  The framework will improve after this first cut is made
available but the improvements should be mostly "under the hood" so
folks will be able to get to work soon...