Forum OpenACS CMS: Some commercial products for comparison

PC Magazine recently ran an article on sub-$100K content management
systems. It's worth reading the reviews to get a sense of what's out

The products reviewed include the following:

-PaperThin's CommonSpot (built on Cold Fusion): http://

-Reef's Publisher (Java):

-Percussion Software's Rhythmyx Content Manager: http://

-Ektron's eMPower (Cold Fusion):

-eBT's engenda:

-InfoSquare's openshare (ASPs, I think):

Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
an open source one, the content management framework.
Posted by Klaus Momberger on
Anybody around here who has an opinion on Hyperwave  ( ?


Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Several clients are using Vignette. In Australia it seems to be under the $100K.
several companies, particluarly SME (Small medium enterprise) are using ASP approach like: I believe a seat is about $400/year.
Posted by Jørgen Skogstad on

Ez is a Norwegian effort for a CMS based on Apache, php and is highly modularized. Can provide good input in how things may be implemented.

Jørgen Skogstad

we have got ver good experience with midgard content management system
based on apache, php, mysql - but also with oracle and java.
there is a nice replication mechanism, and already modules such as forums, email, statistics, etc.

sites that we built so far:

for more info go to midgard site or check out our site [CSO Lanifex]
Posted by Andy Jackson on
Hyperwave's own collaborative information management platform includes all the two-dot-oh bells and whistles, including chat and video conferencing over IP, into an optimized publication process.
Hyperwave is a major provider of collaborative info management solutions, an option you should consider if you're having trouble finding a suitable ECM.

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