Forum OpenACS Q&A: Include Comments and Links on Tcl and ADP pages

ad_general_comments_list and ad_general_links_list did not handle the "Add Comments" and "Add Links" controls as well as they are handled on static pages.

I improved upon this by stealing code from static_get_comments_and_links and static_format_comments_and_links (found in ad-html.tcl) and modifying it for use with the general-comments and general-links modules.

To use the new code, create an entry in table_acs_properties (see /doc/general-comments), and then simply include [dynamic_display_comments_and_links params] at the bottom of the Tcl or ADP page where you want to solicit comments and links.

You can get the code at

Thanks!  I was planning to write something like this in the near future.  I'll have a look!