Forum OpenACS Q&A: More ETP Joy (looking for a good time?)

Just had a little conversation with myself in IRC that I though I might share here (for others that enjoy ETP as much as I do  --- some slight editing to make my conversation with myself more intelligible for others)

crb (10:09:43): I am using ETP for the site (with the index.vuh trick)
crb (10:10:04): and objects labeled as subtopics and pages started showing up in the edit view
crb (10:10:23): without a title
crb (10:10:43): all that can be done with them is edit | delete | or move
crb (10:10:50): click
crb (10:10:53): delete
crb (10:10:55): click
crb (10:10:56): delete
crb (10:11:11): I just looked at the url of the links again
crb (10:11:28): and one of them had "user-portrait" in it (strange I think to myself)
crb (10:11:30): checked out that users portrait -- perfect test case -- not an image of the user, just a big black blob
crb (10:11:38): clicked the delete button
crb (10:11:50): and like magic... IT WORKED :-)
crb (10:11:59): what a feature!
crb (10:12:29): you can use the Main Site ETP page to delete user portraits (and other random OpenACS objects)
crb (10:12:32): fun!
crb (10:12:48): why is it fun?
crb (10:12:56): because they do not have a title!
crb (10:13:00): click
crb (10:13:02): delete
crb (10:13:07): click delete
crb (10:13:17): hmmm wonder what that object was
crb (10:13:19): click
crb (10:13:20): delete
crb (10:14:33): have had enough fun with ETP for today (maybe I should post this in the forums for other people looking for a good time with ETP)

note: fact turns to fiction at line 10:13:00


P.S. Anyone want to help move to OpenACS CMS flavor of the month?

P.P.S. If anyone understands this wonderful feature I would enjoy learning more about it too.

Posted by Chris Davies on
I had a similar issue where the parent_id of an object was set to -100, and would show up in ETP on the main URI of the site.