Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Need better sign-posting in

Posted by Roberto Mello on
I've been thinking about this for a while. IMHO, if we had to post reports and such, it would only be a waste of time for them, time that they could use coding.

I agree that having one place that everyone else can see what's going on and what needs done is a good thing. This is exactly what Momjian does for the Postgres team.

Therefore, since I am already taking the role of "gatekeeper" for the 3.x tree, I'd like to volunteer to take the extra step and keep a TODO. I already follow the bboards and adding items and links to relevant bboard threads is trivial, but important. Ben? Don?

On the mailing list issue, I also agree. The bboards, in the current state are cumbersome to work with. I think they are great, but if I could post to them from my e-mail client, it'd make my life easier. Following messages in a threaded interface such as the one in mutt would also be very nice. And last, but not least, splitting different bboards into separate mail folders is a biggie for me.