Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Need better sign-posting in

Posted by Ken Kennedy on're a great guy, and I think it's great to step up and volunteer to coordinate everything, but come on. "Posting reports would only be a waste of time..time that they could use coding"? *grin* Sometimes, a coder needs to take a break!

I'm talking something that would easily updatable over the web, an extension of something like the glassroom or ticket module, allowing an indication of where things are in the process. Sure, it would take a couple of mintues to update...but it would give all the OTHER folks that are spending half an hour at a time trying to track down what's going on a single place to go and see a high-level project status.

It's great that you're willing to take on the responsibility of organizing it all, but remember, that makes YOU the bottleneck. Not that you probably wouldn't do a great job, but why not let the computer do the work? Especially when we're talking about organizing workflow and status reports for software that...organizes workflow and status reports?? *grin*

If I can whip something up in the next few days, we can take a look at it (on my site). No pressure or anything, but maybe we can "scratch the itch" here...