Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Need better sign-posting in

Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Oh, excellent, Roberto! We are SO in general agreement here. I don't want to make things bureaucratic either. I'd just really like there to be a "go-to" place to see how the port is going. I agree, it probably ought to to associated with the SDM. As some examples of what I'm thinking about...aD's ACS 4.0 Prj Central has some good features (though it's also WAY overkill for what I have in mind). It's got the "Subsytem Owner" list that shows sub-packages, their owner, and in some instances, status info (I really like the bboard news link, but I'm not expecting anything like that).

Don's suggestion of the Mozilla weekly status updates (see the main list, and a specific example) I also like. If the reports came out like that (by module: highlights, lowlights, todos, stuff done, etc.), it would be easy to review current status.

My main question about using the SDM is regarding subsystems/modules/packages (whatever they're called). At this point in the game, I think that seeing things explicitly broken out (ie, Query Dispatcher, APM, Installer, BBoard, Bookmarks, etc.) with their statuses, todos, etc. would be a great thing. Can we do that in the SDM now?