Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem Installing The Jabber Package

Posted by Tom Ayles on
I've had a (casual) look through the code for this. In terms of the OpenACS part of the package, porting to PostgreSQL would be as easy as for any other package, i.e. a little tedious but not hard. Oracle to PostgreSQL is generally easier than the other direction, IMO.

What could be tricky is removing database-dependence from queries in the C code. Generally, access is done via PL/SQL accessors, however PL/SQL blocks in Oracle are different to those in PostgreSQL (at least from within OpenACS, PostgreSQL db_exec_plsql blocks are really functions that get executed with a select statement, and so have to have a return value), so this would raise an issue. Making it run on PostgreSQL _instead_ of Oracle would be comparatively easy, database independence would be hard (but maybe a fun problem to crack 😊).

If I decide to go ahead with using this package for my current project, I think it quite likely that I'd need to port to PostgreSQL, so I'll try and keep the community informed to avoid duplication of effort.