Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: What is wrong with "emailing" openAcs

Posted by Roberto Mello on
And it only worked with if your mail server is Qmail.

Better would be to have some external program that is called by the MTA (through some mail processing agent or directly) that would take care of handling e-mail to OpenACS.


Posted by Jeff Davis on
The current version only needs a Maildir which you can do with most MTA's (at least that is what I understand from the code) so I am not sure why there would be a dependency on Qmail.

Personally I prefer Maildir + sweeper to something that tries to do direct inserts to the db (since I am more confident that mail won't be unaccountably dropped).

Also, I think the silent deletion and failure to track bounces was fixed by Mat Kovach.

And finally, it does in fact work (with the caveats about not being smart about attachments, quoted text, etc). For example can accept incoming email to the forums. I would not be surprised though if there were bugs in the oracle version that have not been fixed.

see bug 1843 for the tracking bug.