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Posted by Lachlan Myers on
The issue seems to be in the acs_objects, where upload is looking for the non-existent "title" column. Error message shows:
Database operation "dml" failed (exception ERROR, "ERROR:  Relation "acs_objects" has no column "title"

ERROR:  Relation "acs_objects" has no column "title"


	    update acs_objects
	    set title = NULL
	    where object_id = '1777'
Which comes from the last part of /packages/acs-subsite/www/user/portrait/upload-2.tcl
            db_dml update_object_title "
            update acs_objects
            set title = :title
            where object_id = :revision_id"

I'm not sure what the preferred behaviour is, but I'll log it as a bug.