Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: AOLserver 4 and daemontools

Posted by mark dalrymple on
> Well one thing: where is the AOLserver log file?

It's in /web/front-end/logs/front-end-error.log. I have a tail -f on that file. When I restart with AS4 plus the -b flag, nothing appears in that file.

> if you are using a high port, why not login as nsadmin and start it up without sudo (./run, and maybe with -ft).

It works fine :-(, stuff appearing in the -error log and it handles requests.

> Either the AOLserver error log or readproctitle will have an error for a restart,
> unless you have discovered a bug in nsmain.

The -error never gets anything written into it when using -b (which seems totally bizarre), without the -b stuff goes to the aolserver log. grepping for readproctitle never shows anything.

Guess it's time to dig into the aolserver source and see what's different in -b land.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Well the error has to be in nsmain I think, since errors are not written to the error log until after all command line params are written and until the config file is read without error. I guess -b does mean bizarre. You could also do a little testing with the -B switch to see what happens. I think it takes the path to a file containing the ip:ports one per line.