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Posted by David Kuczek on
I can remember some past discussion on wikis on this forum and I recall that there has been many opinions on that topic... I just came across the following articles on Businessweek that talk positively about wikis:

Do we have a wiki solution for oacs at the moment? Is there any similarity in syntax to i.e. wikipedia's wiki? What about link and image handling?


2: Re: oacs wiki? (response to 1)
Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Some info and thoughts on that:


From CT article on WikiWebs 25, 01. Dec. 2003.
  1. MediaWiki/WikiPedia 68,65% (largest sites)
  2. UseModWiki 16,32% (easiest to install)
  3. Wiki (orignal) 7,19%
  4. Twiki 4,49% (most used in intranets)
  5. MoinMoin 1,75%
  6. PhpWiki 1,59%

Fastest Fulltext Search

From CT article on WikiWebs 25, 01. Dec. 2003.
For 10 000 pages with 80Meg of files.
  1. WikiPedia 1s
  2. PhpWiki 2,5s
  3. MoinMoin 9,6s
  4. UseModWiki 45,5s
  5. Twiki -


From CT article on WikiWebs 25, 01. Dec. 2003.
		MediaWiki	MoinMoin	PhpWiki		Twiki	UseModWiki

Language	PHP		Python		PHP		Perl	Perl
Backend		MySQL		Text		GDBM,MySQL,Pg	RCS	legacy
i18n		>20		8		7		English	18
Notification	+		+		-		+	+
Edit-Conflicts	Doublewindow	Warning		Merging		Lock	Doublewindow
WikiWords	-		+		+		+	+
Free Links	+		+		+		-	+
Latex		+		+		-		+	+
File-Upload	+		+		+		+	+
techn. Doc.	-		++		-		++	+/-
user Doc.	+/-		+		+		+	-
Featureslist	+		+		+/-		++	+
Usability	++		++		+		--	+
Scalability	++		-		+		-	-

Comparison to ETP

  • Extending ETP with WikiWords or also called CamelCase is easy
  • Extending ETP with Free Link syntax link [[My Link]] is also easy
  • We need file upload/foto album functionality -> a file storage package is needed
  • We need comments for each page and subtopic (not sure if that exists)
  • Not sure if we have confict resolution if two person edit the same page
  • Latex support is often used to allow the rendering of graphics
3: Wikit (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
The Tcl'ers Wiki uses Wikit, which of course is backed by Metakit. I believe the AOLserver Wiki also uses Wikit. Dossy includes some good links on his What's a Wiki? page.
4: Re: oacs wiki? (response to 1)
Posted by Håkan Ståby on
There is a wiki for edit this page.

I have tested it and it works ok until you try to add a new page, at least under OACS 5.1. :) But with some modifications I am sure it would work. The package was written by Dave Bauer.

Here is a reference to the syntax used (image handling included):

Hope it helps.

5: Re: oacs wiki? (response to 1)
Posted by Dave Bauer on
The ETP wiki code is in /contrib. It uses the formatting code from Wikit which is what the Tcl wiki uses.