Forum OpenACS Development: Response to PostgreSQL upper() / lower() functions and LATIN2 charset

You stated the followng:
I test everything in this way:

First, I create table
CREATE TABLE names ( name varchar(20) );

Next, I insert a few names via browser (encoded in ISO8859-2) to tcl script; 
The Tcl script encodes the names to UTF-8 (UNICODE) and sends them to PostgreSQL. 
Then, PostgreSQL sends results of query
SELECT UPPER(name) AS fn FROM names ORDER BY fn;
(encoded in UNICODE) to the Tcl script. 
The script encodes the results to ISO8859-2 and sends then to browser. 
You have to be careful about what it means to submit LATIN-2 data from the browser to your AOLserver web server.

AOLserver *needs* to be told what character set your form data is in so that it can convert it to Unicode properly.

Your browser will *not* supply this information automatically. You set AOLserver to expect LATIN2 in the form data. There are about five different ways to do this. See my notes at or

If you just want to run your site in all LATIN2, you should get my AOLserver patches and apply them, and then make sure that in your .ini or .tcl server config file you have the lines

ns_section "ns/parameters"
        ns_param   HackContentType 1
        ns_param   URLCharset      shift_jis
        ns_param   OutputCharset   shift_jis
        ns_param   HttpOpenCharset shift_jis
URLCharset is the important one. My patches to AOLserver will look at this parameter and will use the specified encoding when reading posted form data.

You can also explcitly call the function ns_setformencoding before you call ns_getform.