Forum OpenACS Q&A: Let the Testing Begin

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Okay folks, 3.2.5 is at the doors.

With exception of intranet and new-file-storage, which I still have
things to commit tomorrow morning, the tree is frozen.

So please test, test and test. If you find a bug, please report it on
the SDM under the appropriate module, and please check if that bug has
been submitted already (that's why I am asking to submit bugs under
the appropriate module. It's easier to identify similar or same bugs)

Oh, if you can send me patches for bugs you find, I'd appreciate them

3.2.5 will be a great release. Many many bugs have been fixed and
appropriately closed on SDM. The cool photodb module (ala
has been added and a new port of the homepage module has been added
(thanks to Vinod Kurup).

Fixes touch almost every module of the toolkit, so this is an exciting
release. Let's make it even better by testing it to death. If there
are any showstoppers, please post them here.

Posted by Brian Mann on
I think I'm being an idiot, but so be it. Could you give a hint to us mentally impaired people as to where to download 3.2.5? I can only find the current version. (let me guess, CVS...)
Posted by Brian Mann on
And of course, as soon as I post, I find the CVS command that I need under another thread...:^/ so, never mind!
Posted by Roberto Mello on
For those that don't want to (or can't) use CVS, I made a tarball of the latest CVS tree, and put it at We should do this on from now on.

Please download it and test it.

Posted by David Kuczek on
Hello Roberto,

hope you passed your midterms. In order to make the beta release more popular for testing we could announce it as a news and put your tarball for download on as you suggested.

When will the new-file-storage tcl library be ready for testing... After Easter break [I will be snowboarding in the Austrian alps 😊] I will set up 3.2.5 on PostgreSQL RC3 (if nothing else will be out) on our new machine... I would like to test the new-file-storage to death, because we want to use it in our official launch (end of April).


Posted by Bob OConnor on

Thank you for the tar, Roberto,

I'm ready to upgrade from 3.2.4 to 3.2.5. We already have stuff configured and users added to our 3.2.4 system.

Can I just globally copy directory trees to their proper locations and all will be well and more stuff will work?
I plan to copy back files that I've made custom changes to.

Are there any changes to the database? In other words were there changes to the datamodel that will change things in the database?

Any other upgrade tips are appreciated.

Thank you and on to testing.... I am also intereted in the file storage system when that is ready we are using it now on a very limited basis but it's use will grow...


Posted by Roberto Mello on
3.2.5 has NOT been released yet. I now think that putting that tarball out (even though it was labeled beta) was a mistake as it raises expectations, so I got rid of it.

3.2.5 is still been tested, especially the upgrade scripts (in fact, I am testing it right now). The data model has been changed and it may still change before release. So don't upgrade before release, when it will be tested.