Forum OpenACS Development: You can download nsxml from my box.

Posted by Don Baccus on
Ben couldn't find nsxml on the aD site yesterday, and had to e-mail me
a copy so I could integrate his work with mine.  That's one reason
why  I've not committed my changes yet! I'm almost there, though, just
some minor file naming conventions to work out with Ben first, and
some testing to make sure I can still install the Oracle version.

So others don't run into the same "where the heck's nsxml" problem,
I've put it on my dsl box.  You can pick it up via anonymous ftp at, in the pub directory.  There are only two
files there at the moment, you might find the other interesting too -
it's a late draft copy of the SQL92 ANSI standard.

All you need to do is compile it and load the module in your init
file's modules section.  No parameters are needed, at least for Ben's
query dispatcher.

Posted by Don Baccus on
Oh, thanks, Stephen - take it from aD, folks, my DSL line only offers 256kbs upload speeds :)
Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
i couldn't find nsxml on the aD site either yesterday, but i did
find it on @
Posted by Dave Bauer on
I think the latest version of ns_xml if available only from anonymous CVS checkout from

I just checked. Version 1.3 of nsxml.c is only at the sourceforge CVS. It was last updated 1/30/2001.

I have been using it for about a week. It works fine with my xml-rpc server.