Forum OpenACS Development: Quick status Wednesday April 4

Posted by Don Baccus on
First - no, you're *not* going to get daily status reports from me!  I
know everyone's eager for this next commit, though, so here goes...

I've got one small bug to track down - when I reinstall OpenACS4.x
under Oracle it tries to load the acs-kernel datamodel twice.  Ben or
I (probably me) broke something here.  Should be simple to fix.

I'm also going to rename Ben's new queryfiles so they fit with the
scheme we agreed upon this AM, and change the APM so it will know
about queryfiles as a file type, along with the database they support.

I can't work on OpenACS until later this afternoon.  I doubt the small
bug I need to track down will take long, though killing my OpenACS
Oracle installation and reinstalling takes about 15 minutes on my
laptop so the testing cycle's a bit slow.  With luck I'll be able to
finish up this afternoon or early evening, if not for sure by

Yesterday Kapil said he thought his "query puller" would be ready
soon.  I hope so - that will save us from having to manually do a
*bunch* of shitwork.

Things are looking quite good.  I'm pumped!