Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Email alerts grouped by topic

Posted by David Lutterkort on

As a band-aid, you can use the procmail recipe below. It changes the subject line to Re: question_subject [bboard_name]. Together with a threading mail reader (i.e., one that can thread by subject lines alone, such as Gnus), reading the bboard becomes quite comfortable. It isn't exactly rocket science, but somebody might find it useful ...

| sed -e 's@(web/db forum|OpenACS forum): *(.*)@ []@g' -e
's/Response to */Re: /' | rcvstore +acs-spam

rcvstore is an MH command that stores its input as a new message in the folder +acs-spam. If you don't use MH, you need to substitute whatever is right for your mail format ..