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Posted by Bob OConnor on

I've customized bboards quite a bit... and I think many of my enhancements would benefit the comunity. My enhancements to OpenACS 3.2.2 are also ugly but work well. They are ugly in the sense that the code can't be easily ported to what we have now. I'd be interested in participating in the redesign forum.

There is this long thread on Arsdigita about forums from last June:
Remodeling forums for -- input requested

One feature that "Everyone" would want right away is the feature that lists posts with the most recent replies as a replacement for the current main posts.

  • What's so great about Open Source Software?
        Ned Newbie Apr 04

  • How do I restore my PG Dump with the least pain
        Most recent reply by Don Baccus Apr 03

The First thread has no replies and was written by Ned. The second thread has the most recent reply by Don but was started two or three weeks ago. This system is better than the current separate list of "new answers" which often don't work right when you don't read ALL of them so some might be missed...