Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Email alerts grouped by topic

Posted by Jerry Asher on
I'd like to see much of the ACS (but bboard especially) unified with a mailing list manager.

I have found that there are folks that only want to interact with the bboards through email, much as they do their current mailing lists.  And yet, uniformly, mailing list managers out there today all have horrid and very weak web interfaces, and don't let you post new messages.  I've also heard complaints/rumours/suspicion, etc. that ACS mailing list is great compared to the a mailing list manager specifically written to batch up emails, etc., and of course as we all know, the ACS does a particularly poor job at creating the headers our mail user agents (and us) like to see for threading, filtering, (and the removal of vacation messages.)

A unification would benefit both the ACS and mailing lists.

A few weeks ago I looked into integration with Mailman.  Mailman is opensource and reasonably popular.  I discovered then that an employee of GreatBridge is working on a mailman/postgres integration, and I am waiting for that...

The biggest disadvantage is that it would however create a python dependency on the ACS.  (Which now requires Tcl and Perl.)

Anyone interested in pursing this?