Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Big honkin' commit now available ...

Posted by Don Baccus on
The source can be gotten from cvs at  Copy (co)
openacs-4.  Anonymous pserv is supposd to work...

The installation for Oracle is no different than for ACS Classic 4.x.
I'd appreciate your trying it out under EE to make sure there are no
errors (I'll grab a copy of EE at some point to install I guess).

For PostgreSQL, you need to use version 7.1, which is in release
candidate form at the moment.  You can get it from
in pub/dev - the biggest files are the complete system for each
release (RC2 is the latest there).

You do need to install PL/pgSQL.  It can be done easily after you do
your createdb, i.e.:

createdb pgtest;
createlang plpgsql pgtest

and you're set.

Then you need to tell OpenACS where you've installed the binaries so
it can find PSQL (I'll make it smart enough to do this from
environment variables if they're set later on):

ns_section "ns/db/driver/postgres"
ns_param pg_bin "/home/pgtest/install/bin"

works for me as I installed PG7.1 as my pgtest user using
/home/pgtest/install rather than /usr/local/pgsql.

After you've done this just fire things up like you would for Oracle
4.x and off you go.  The only differences will be in your AOLserver
config file - you need three PG pools rather than three Oracle pools.
Use the same pageroot in both cases.

Only the core is included in our source tree at the moment.  If you
want to load other modules you'll have to go to the aD repository
(unless you have them yourself, of course).

Oh - you'll get lots and lots of "notice" lines in your AOLserver log,
from Ben's very preliminary version of the query processor.  They'll
go away soon.