Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Email alerts grouped by topic

Posted by Jerry Asher on
It's certainly true that the ACS could be better integrated with qmail (and simply too), regardless of any other effort.  Simply setting a few headers correctly would help identify to *us* who is writing a message, and would direct many vacation programs to not spam us all with the travel news of our various community friends.

But I believe integration of bboard with a maillist program has a wonderful benefit.  It gets the ACS into communities that have members that ONLY use email and won't otherwise get on the net.  That could be existing, "stodgy" communities, it could be folks with mobile email access (pager, pda, or phone/vxml), or it could be folks buying new, email-only devices to attach to their phone systems.

This means supporting people that never want to (or can) click on a link.  That's supporting subscribe/unsubscribe via email.  Creating a new thread via email, and replying to an old thread.  It means supporting these people by letting them choose instant responses or digests, etc., again, without requiring them to come back to a website.

That's what I'd like to see.