Forum OpenACS Development: Re: .LRN user interface design

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Re: Language Selection:
The Commission
drop down

The Parliament

The Publisher
drop down

Like the publisher's solution with the two letter codes.

I have also seen little squares with the two letter codes in them, but can not seem to find them now.

Re: Location of Language selector
I have actually watched people try to find the language selector on the present install... no luck (because it is usually off-screen at the bottom of the page and there is there is this funky language that complicates things). Need to have it in an obvious place.

I am presently living in a very diverse linguistic environment (Europahaus), which is university housing with 80% foreigners from ALL OVER THE PLACE so I can test this some more if needed.

Initial tests: top of page is where the mouse usually starts to look when there is gibberish below.

Re: Tabs
Good to hear this will be implemented in a way that will eventually give Matthias his left (or right) sidebar without removing tabs for those of us who like them (I guessed as much)

Re: Breadcrumbs
One more comment on the placement of breadcrumbs... I tend to find breadcrumbs closer to the content more useful.

Think of it like this: the thing "dropping the breadcrumbs" is the content... so the closer to the content they are the more obvious it is that they actually are breadcrumbs.

This is why I set up so the breadcrumbs are right above the content and sites I implement in the future using .LRN will likely have the breadcrumbs below the tabs.

Sooo if you could keep that in mind and leave some flexibility for positioning of those little crumbs while coding it would be great.

btw: NICE WORK... and gut luck coding this.