Forum OpenACS Development: Where is the pgdriver?

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Trying to install, the acs-installer is telling my the pg driver is old. In another thread Don suggests getting the most up-to-date one from SourceForge.

Please folks:

  • Where on SourceForge? The CVS browser is currently broken.
  • Is it really necessary to make everyone scrounge around to find stuff?
  • Do you really want help/testers?
  • Please remember the developers know where everything is, but who are you developing for? I'm starting to get the impression this is closed source, you have to be able to find things to call it open.
  • What is the attitude: It would drain an hour of your valuable time to write a simple guide. I mean is it really even an hour?

--Just hoping someone will email me the driver ( or send a link.

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
It is on SourceForge:
cvs -z3 co driver-2.3

This thread has all the software locations:

I agree there should be some pages that link to ALL software.

Posted by Don Baccus on
  • I didn't know the CVS browser on sourceforge is currently broken. That's not all that's broken, apparently, I just went there and it is spewing German at me even though the language box is set to English.
  • We do need to collect everything in one place. We haven't done so yet but we have talked about the necessity of doing so. Read more below.
  • Of course we want help/testers. I've been spending this morning looking around at project pieces and thinking about what kind of tasks to ask for volunteers (beyond obvious tasks like "port queries and datamodels").
  • We're still getting organized. I've tried to emphasize that in several posts over the past three weeks. I've tried to make it clear that this is a priority but that it will take some time.
  • I *forgot* that people would need the latest driver. I apologize, again. I *assumed* that folks knew where the openacs project lives on SourceForge and I *assumed* that once there, they could use the SourceForge tools to find the driver, which is conveniently the only part of the CVS tree in our project that contains the string "driver". I apologize for the inaccurate assumption that folks knew the project name on SourceForge. I won't apologize for the fact that the SourceForge site appears to be having problems today as I have nothing to do with it. It does reinforce the importance of our becoming self-reliant, though.
I just checked our documentation and it doesn't appear to point to SourceForge, which is an oversight. At this point, we should concentrate on getting everything over to instead.

The driver is at the cvsroot, the project name is driver-2.3.

I'm not being paid a sous for OpenACS work so am balancing it with the need to make a living, do my taxes (mostly done), etc etc. This means I'm not as effective as I would be if I were able to work fulltime on OpenACS.

At the moment, Ben's set up as the SDM manager for the driver release so I can't make one. He and I need to sit down and talk about how we're going to manage the tree and interim releases on It needs to be he and I - or at least he - because runs on his machine and at the end of the day he gets to decide what kind of access folks are going to get. If he wants to decide via a public discussion, that's fine, it is entirely up to him.

As it happens I have root access to the machine but I'm too polite to start munging around on it without talking to Ben first.

My personal vote would be to see if one of our volunteers has extensive experience with CVS and would be willing to get the rest of the pieces set up at, but I don't know if Ben will feel comfortable with that.

Posted by Petru Paler on

I can help with CVS setup, if you want.