Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Installing Oracle 8.1.7 on Red Hat 9

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Ok, progress.... I redid the install with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL set to 2.4.7 and that allowed the Net 8 Assistant to run through properly. It also resulted in a better output from ldd:
[oracle@abyssinian bin]$ ldd oracle => not found => /export/oracle/product/8.1.7/lib/ (0xb725d000) => /export/oracle/product/8.1.7/lib/ (0xb7254000) => /lib/ (0xb7251000) => /lib/i686/ (0xb722e000) => /lib/i686/ (0xb71dd000) => /lib/i686/ (0xb70a4000)
        /lib/ => /lib/ (0xb75eb000)
I probably won't work on this much today (I do have other things i'm supposed to be doing) but I wanted to at least get this update posted. More will follow, as I do need to figure this out.
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

I don't have access to the machine on which I've setup Oracle 8.1.7 on RedHat Enterprise 3 so I can't give you the details. However, one tip I can give is to change in glibc-2.1.3-stubs.tar.gz so that you can see the errors being produced while rebuilding the client libraries.

Remove '>/dev/null' from line 73. Also remove '>/dev/null 2>&1' from lines 83 and 85.

This should give you an insight as to why there are '*0' backup files w/o relinked '*' files. Using the '*0' backup file is not going to solve your case as you are resorting to the file prior to patching thus negating the glibc-2.1.3 patch.

I'll post more when I have access to the RHE 3 machine.


Posted by Janine Ohmer on
HI Bart,

I did that (editing a few days ago and this is what I got:

I get this error when linking oracle

/usr/bin/ld: /export/oracle/product/8.1.7/rdbms/lib/oracle: hidden symbol `__fixunssfdi' in /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/3.2.3/libgcc.a(_fixunssfdi.oS) is referenced by DSO

This one when linking extproc, agtctl, hsalloci, hsots, hsdepxa

/usr/bin/ld: /export/oracle/product/8.1.7/rdbms/lib/extproc: hidden symbol `stat64' in /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a(stat64.oS) is referenced by DSO

The ctype errors when linking oemagent, dbsnmp, oratclsh, tnslsnr, lsnrctl

then errors out without building anything because it tries to execute

rm -f /export/oracle/product/8.1.7/bin/

which of course doesn't work

Then these errors when linking ctxhx

/lib/ undefined reference to `__mailto:ctype_b_loc@GLIBC_2.3';
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_addr@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_open@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_close@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_sym@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_vsym@GLIBC_PRIVATE'

So some are ctype errors and some aren't.

I might be able to fix some of these by installing the compat packages, but that won't fix the ctype errors.

Clues, suggestions, etc?



Posted by madhu s on
you can get rid of some of the above errors

for  libgcc.a(_fixunssfdi.oS)
install gcc_old packages  the path will be /opt/gcc295  prepend this path to oracle path
and for ctxhx
the solution is to edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/ctx/lib/ and go to "INSO_LINK =", add a "$(LDLIBFLAG)dl" to the line and save it.

i have been  trying to install  8.1.7 on suse 9.0
got the same errors

except  rdbms/lib/extproc: hidden symbol `stat64' in /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a(stat64.oS) is referenced by DSO
every thing is fine ( at least i was able to get through)

i tried to link them manully by  relink <individual component>
every thing went smoothly
if i say relink all  it is throwing  stat64.oS error

any idea/suggestion how to get through this error